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Dear partners and friends,

we hope you, your families and colleagues are doing fine. The situation for many many people all over the world is still very fragile. Also many of our target countries are heavily affected by COVID-19 and of course, we wish all our partners, participants, friends and their families all the best to get through the next weeks and months.

We have managed to shift several of our activities into the virtual space. One example is the kick-off of the follow-up project of Hidden Memories, our amazing smartphone-app that leads you through the events of “Euromaidan 2013/14” in Kyiv. At the same time, we were also able to develop new formats like our Online Training on Conflict Transformation, which we implemented in cooperation with our partners.

Moreover, we have been working on several ideas for 2021 and beyond. We really do hope to be able to continue our work on the grounds.

Enjoy this newsletter and feel free to get in touch with us, whenever you think there is a chance for closer cooperation. 

Best regards,
The CRISP-Team
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Peaceful Conflict Transformation 2.0

CRISP is regularly offering an online training consisting of four sessions, which will give you a profound introduction to peaceful conflict transformation. A new training started the 29th of Septmber and it will last until the 13th of October.
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Blended Training for SIMschool Project: Reformatting Training Process for Human Rights Education

Travel limitations inspire us to search for new ways of staying in touch with our participants.
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Women Focused Networks from South Caucasus develop capacities in “women rights as human rights”

The first capacity building workshop of our follow-up project “Women Focused Networks 2020" took place during the last week of August with women from Armenia, Azerbadjian & Gerogia.
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IT IS possible to find partners online!  

Sure we all miss conferences with full halls and tasty cappuccino, moments of networking and exchange, but what we experienced during the online conference “Civil Match” gave us this beautiful feeling of connectedness too! We met old friends from the Eastern Partnership countries and Russia and made new ones. We even pitched one project idea in a newly made partnership and won an award for it! You can learn more about our new German-Russian project in the video.
Watch the video here >

2019 Civil Society Organization Sustainability Index, Middle East and North Africa Region: Egypt Country Report

Our esteemed partner in Egypt, Center for Development Services, took part in the development of the country report for 2019 Civil Society Organization Sustainability Index.
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CRISP just concluded an online training on Peaceful Conflict Transformation

Between August 25 and September 8 2020, CRISP concluded an interactive online training on peaceful conflict transformation. We enjoy this refreshing new way of training and are looking forward to further expand our online offers so stay tuned!  
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Hidden Memories – Follow-up: new educational approach to the topic of Maidan in Ukrainian schools

We are happy to finally launch the second phase of our Ukrainian project “Hidden Memories”! Back in 2017 we developed a mobile app that offered different stories and perspectives on the events on Maidan 2013-2014 in four languages. And now it’s time for a follow-up project!
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Egyptian youth taking part in a series of workshops to run for office in their constituencies

Despite the Covid-19 pandemic, a capacity building workshop took place to empower Egyptian youth with the needed skills to take leading roles in society. This first capacity building workshop under Working Package 4 of our project Y-LEAD took place from August 15th to August 20th, 2020.
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Simulation/Board Game “Energetic Urban Development

Urban Development Going Green. We went with it and developed a board game to help municipalities how to create more energy efficient and green homes.
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Addressing Antisemitism and Anti-muslim racism through education – finalization of simulation game

In cooperation with our partner KIgA we have developed the simulation game “Our common future” that deals with an international youth conference where participants discuss solutions for peace in the “Middle East Conflict”. Considering Germanys particular historical role in the conflict and the increase of Anti-semitism and Anti-muslim racisms in Germany, it is important to better understand the multitude of perspectives on the conflict and its complexity. The simulation game is designed particularly for political education in Germany, but can be adapted to other contexts..
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Internal Monitoring 2020

The developments of the last half a year brought many changes to our work, as of course to everyone else. 
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CRISP is glad to welcome our new intern Umeda who is supporting us remotely from Tajikistan for 3 months

In the framework of our cooperation with ifa Cross Culture Programme, CRISP is welcoming Umeda, a Cross Cultural Fellow from Tajikistan.  
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Face-Lift 2020

We used the time before the summer break for a photo shoot, in order to make our online presence even more appealing.  
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Our Assistant: Justine Bitam

Justine will support CRISP e.V. for three months until December 2020. She is currently enrolled as a student of Peace and Conflict Studies at Philipps University Marburg in Germany. 
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CRISP-Infopaper, now in French

We are very pleased to introduce or our new information paper in French for 2020. In this document French-speaking people will find brief informations about the context, the goals and the methods of the various activities led by CRISP. 
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